Since an early age I have been creative. From the age of 11 I learned how to differentiate between line and shadow in order to draw, paint and sculpt. In addition to my fine artist London skills; from 2013-I also use photography as a medium in which I discover themes, subjects and scenes inspired by history, art, science and the world around me.
Having completed art at GCSE, A-levels and then gaining an ND and a HND in fashion design; I learned how to research, develop an idea, create and innovate to enable me to create unique imagery and art pieces. This has helped me to develop my fine artist London based skill-set.

I now build my art and photography portfolio in view to exhibiting work as a fine artist London. My current theme is creation (big bang photographic and sculpture studies 1,2) And God Created Everything (3)

Contact Fiona today to discuss her fine artist London based services: 07985 179 315/